Holistic Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation or absorption entered into spontaneously by everyone, everyday. Hypnotherapy invokes and deepens this natural state, eliciting the cooperation of your nervous system and subconscious to enable wanted changes in mind, body, and behavior. Where cognitive/analytical efforts to heal, evolve, understand, or improve oneself have been exhausted, hypnosis allows you to access the creative intelligence and intuitive solutions that your intellect alone does not possess. 

The transformative experience of a holistic hypnotherapy session effectively supports you in:

  • Replacing unhealthy or unwanted habits with self-respectful ways of being
  • Advancing toward most any goal by recognizing and resolving obstructions
  • Addressing the emotional themes underlying anxiety or depression
  • Diminishing fears and insecurities; neutralizing phobias
  • Increasing and enhancing self-esteem and authentic self-expression
  • Recovering memories/forgotten parts of yourself through regression to an earlier time
  • Approaching a daunting test or medical/dental procedure with peace and calm
  • Giving a public speech, presentation, or performance with increased ease and confidence
  • Enhancing your creativity and gifts in any area of life, personal or professional
  • Initiating deep healing and bringing closure to emotional wounds, recent and old…

Carrie works with individuals in a comprehensive way that honors each client’s narrative, promotes a clearer self-understanding within them, and often leads them to profound healing and/or meaningful shifts in their quality of life. Her multi-dimensional approach is a unique integration of therapeutic and healing principles that connects the subtler levels of consciousness to the somatic (embodied awareness). Carrie is very skilled in working holistically with her clients to facilitate the natural process of healing and growth by identifying what is needed to resolve internal contradictions and restore wholeness. Her keen perceptiveness in tracking and guiding a client’s process opens the doors of their perception to convert previously unyielding limitations and conflicts into clarity, congruence, growth, and well being.  

Through collaborating with Carrie, countless clients have established or fine tuned their sense of internal guidance, which for some individuals has a psycho-spiritual tone. Furthermore, many clients have experienced a deep healing of their inner child that in turn has an emotional ripple to the present adult.

Carrie works with adults as well as adolescents and children. Each session includes a thorough interview and is often combined with some integrative counseling.

Past-Life Regression

Carrie is a certified Past-Life Regression Counselor and offers Past-Life Regression sessions as a means of accessing hidden influences on current life themes and issues that may so far have seemed challenging to understand or heal. While a PLR session has some similarities with a hypnotherapy session, it is more specifically focused on tapping into a previous existence, or what feels like a previous existence, in order to obtain insight or to shift certain emotional, physical, behavioral, or relationship patterns that have interfered with health and well-being in one’s present life. The “past life” that opens up for review in a session cannot necessarily be pre-determined even though a PLR session can be steered to invite into emergence a life story that will shed light upon and provide resolution for a particular current life theme.