Client Testimonials

“Myself a healer with 40 years of experience, a person with deep wounds of subtle nature, I cannot find words that do justice to my delight and gratitude for Carrie’s work. Ancient and lifelong burdens and limitations are lifting and melting as I work with her, not to mention the several occasions when physical illness has disappeared. She is, in my considered opinion, a healer of world class.”

Myrna Echols, Ph.D, Psychologist

“Carrie Meyer is uniquely suited to examine, support, and heal the human mind, body, and spirit. I initially sought to work with Carrie because I was overwhelmed with anxiety and stress as a result of a pregnancy complication. At our first session, Carrie listened attentively as I explained my personal background as well as the more specific challenges I faced with this pregnancy. Carrie asked me several perceptive questions, and then without dismissing anything I had shared, gently suggested that my anxiety and stress may not be due to the pregnancy complication and instead may be the result of something deep inside of me that I had yet to address on an emotional level. Carrie neither dwelled on the suggestion nor insisted that I own it, but I came to realize that she had accurately read me after having known me for less than an hour. In my few subsequent sessions with Carrie, she has guided me on a journey of honest self-exploration, healing, and growth and has profoundly changed the way I view myself and my place in the world. During this process, I have felt extremely vulnerable at times but never alone as I have always felt safe in Carrie’s hands. Carrie’s approach to my journey has been as individualized as it has been holistic. Carrie is sensitive, trustworthy, and genuinely caring and has never once passed judgment on me. As an attorney, I am trained to use logic, reason, and other mental faculties to find truth even in the most complicated of circumstances. In the short time I have worked with Carrie, however, she has proven to me time and again that as humans our personal truths lie not within our filtered thoughts but within the depths of our hearts and emotions. By helping me discover my own personal truths, Carrie has enriched my life with clarity, connectedness, and a newfound sense of internal peace and harmony. Carrie Meyer is a quintessential healer, and I believe most sincerely that she can serve anyone who is striving to chart a path to wholeness and well-being.”

E.C.,  Attorney

“Carrie Meyer is a gifted healer and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help for physical, emotional or spiritual issues! She changed my life. I went to see her for a hypnotherapy session to work through an emotional problem, and not only did I make progress with that problem, but the stomach aches I’d been suffering from almost daily were virtually gone after that session. I could not have imagined that such a cure was possible, and my physical ailment was not even the reason I went to see Carrie, but she was able to detect that negative energy and help me to release it. I also received subsequent energy work from her and experienced more subtle, but beneficial improvements in my daily life and my emotional state, and felt more spiritually aware. Thank you so much Carrie!”

Jane G, Student (Teacher in training)

“Carrie’s remarkable skills offer the perfect combination of the analytical and metaphysical worlds, resulting in a powerful ability to hone in on the issues that need addressing. I have benefited from Carrie’s extraordinary gifts in energy work, hypnotherapy and talk therapy in ways I could not have imagined, receiving more from a two hour session with Carrie than I have in weeks of counseling with other therapists.”

Jean B, Writer/Website Designer

“After years of experiencing symptoms that slowly escalated, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease in April 2010, with a dominance of hyperthyroid symptoms. By the time I found Carrie’s website, I was exhausted, experienced dysfunctional anxiety, and had uncontrolled thyroid blood levels. As a passionate artist, all inspiration had left me and I was unable to paint for over a year. My body felt like it was in fifth gear with no brakes. Western medicine was doing its best, but I instinctively knew that I needed something more  if I was going to start the healing process. I found Carrie Meyer’s website and set up an appointment April 2011. I am so thankful to report that healing began immediately!  After the first visit I felt hugely more peaceful, and over the next 10 days anxiety and sleeplessness decreased to manageable levels. I felt so much calmer, and with that, I believe that my body had the energy to start healing the thyroiditis. Thyroid test results 3 weeks later showed the first real signs of recovery and every test result since that time has great improvement and in fact, test results this week indicate I have definitely stabilized. My Endocrinologist was very supportive of the hypnotherapy and energy work and said that she found that those who sought secondary therapy such as this did see benefits. Anyway, I have been to about 6 sessions with Carrie and plan to continue on an ongoing basis. I haven’t felt this good both mentally and physically in so many years.  I continue to show improvement in so many aspects my mental health and feel that merging western and metaphysical approaches was essential to healing. I am so glad to say I am painting again, and in fact, am finding clearer and more exciting expression on the canvas. Oh! and my real job as a contract analyst in the medical field? – I am back in strong form and excited to face challenges. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering consulting with Carrie Meyer about hypnotherapy or about energy work. Carrie, as a psychologist and energy worker, is very straight forward, professional, and insightful while gently guiding me to reach my health and personal goals.  Thank God for Carrie.”

Terri Sacre, Contract Analyst and Practicing Artist/Painter

“I have experienced many healing modalities over the past 45 years and Carrie is one of the few people I feel I can rely on for compassionate energy treatments and valid input once the treatment is completed. This is especially important because my work is also in the field of spiritual healing and support. When you have spent a number of years working inside the spiritual healing field, finding someone who can help you can be a challenge.  The person who heals the healer must be open-minded, compassionate, and able to comprehend the sorts of challenges that come with being a healer. Carrie Meyer is that sort of healer. I trust her abilities, her judgment, and I love her compassion and caring approach.  She is truly a healer of healers.” 

Rev Deborah Phillips, Minister/Teacher/Writer

“I have seen Carrie for energy work several times over the last six years. She has a magical way about her that is hard to explain. If I could afford to see her once a week I would! It is amazing what she can discover by working with your energy. When I first started seeing her I had been extremely “Stuck”. I credit Carrie for helping me get unstuck and finally moving forward. I highly recommend Carries’s energy work and integrative counseling.”

Stacie M, Crime Analyst

“Carrie Meyer is a most exceptional healer on every level and highly gifted in her specialized field. Due to Carrie’s superb abilities in the realm of energy work and hypnotherapy, I feel a renewed sense of self-empowerment, clarity, and knowingness. Carrie, in her very special way, assisted me in overcoming hurdles I could not seem to master on my own. Her unique process was a delight to experience and the results were powerful and effortless!”

Hope Harris, Photographer

“I wish to spread the word on how much Carrie has changed my life. I guess this is also a kind of testimonial on my life before and after our blessed encounter on June 3 of 2009. I was a DRUG ADDICT (meth) to be exact. I would smoke from $100.00 to $200.00 of it a day. My life was unmanageable. I did not have a job, I did not have a strong relationship with any thing but the drug. But I did have a belief that I could be free of the drug if I made a change. I had heard of hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, making people do funny things on stage, and also for drug therapy. I believed that it could work for me. So I called Carrie and told her my story. And she listened. I had made several calls to different hypnotherapists the day I decided to look for help. I had the best connection with Carrie and I am so glad we met. Hypnotherapy with Carrie and a willingness to change is the reason for my success. It has been over a year since I used meth and my life is GREAT! I have a job, I have clean friends. I returned to Carrie after almost a year of being drug free to stop smoking cigarettes, so now I’ve been a non-smoker for several months. She also helped my brother to get and stay clean after many years of drug use, and it has been over 6 months for him.”

Jeremy B, Freelance Landscaper

“As a professional psychic reader for the past ten years, I have seldom made referrals because I expect the very best and believe strongly that: 1) no damage of any kind be done, only healing and resolution; 2) the process should be as fast as being thorough will allow so that the person may then resume their life with renewal and direction. In my eyes, this most often happens as a result of a person making a commitment to look into and resolve the pain or broken areas in their life. Although this is a difficult choice, it really and truly is the beginning of living a life healed and well, often for the first time. Carrie and her energy are VERY, VERY high. Her integrity and commitment are also both extremely high. As a psychic reader, I have found it very rare and unusual to see a person, their soul, and their energy not only so high, but in alignment. That is Carrie. Carrie has been the ONLY person I have ever referred clients to because, with her, amazing things happen. Magic?, one may ask… Carrie has as a foundation a masters degree in psychology and several other credentials that inform her work. She is one of the most widely traveled people I know, which has enriched her and what she does. I know many energy workers, and I am so thankful for each of them and their commitment to serve; they are the visionaries. In terms of the energy work Carrie provides, all I know is that CARRIE IS IN A CLASS OF HER VERY OWN, PERIOD. She has many years of experience providing hypnotherapy. I know that when I refer someone to her, they will be in very dedicated and competent hands. There is only one thing that she is aware of while working with you, and that is YOU. I have seen numerous individuals negotiate rough and tough periods of healing in a much shorter time and with less struggle/more ease than they otherwise would have by receiving Carrie’s energy work. She brings your own energy and chakras into alignment, but it is really so much more… On the receiving end, it is like being filled with LOVE of the highest kind. So many times I have realized that, personally, without Carrie’s energy work and healing work, I would not have been able to have continued on my path as a reader and to have become, not only the reader I am, but the person I am. There has never been a time that I have not been in awe of all Carrie does and just the great goodness of who she is. I know the world to be a far better place for having her in it.”

 Kris Tondee, Intuitive/Psychic Reader

“Though words fall short, I am moved to describe the transformational qualities of my energy work and hypnotherapy with Carrie. I have experienced the movement of emotional material that I had previously been unable to reach, and one of Carrie’s gifts is the ability to create a spatial sense of exceptional safety. Carrie has facilitated the unpacking of deep levels of my conditioning and helped me to better assimilate aspects of my true, authentic higher self. Among the many benefits of Carrie’s work with me, is the empowerment to choose greeting the challenges of life in this world with a greater lightness of being and a childlike resilience. I am grateful to her beyond measure.” 

Steven C, Musician and College Professor

“Carrie is the real deal. I call her technique mind exploration but whatever you call it, Carrie uses a deep, gentle, sophisticated probing of the mind [scanning one’s energy field/ consciousness] to help create a more grounded, balanced, authentic you. Worth her weight (as diminutive as she is) in gold.”

Marc Brown, Retired Attorney

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Carrie as a talented yoga teacher, a skilled tour guide of Kyoto, Japan, and most recently as a healer through energy work and hypnosis.  As a nurse practitioner and a chronic pain sufferer, I have experienced therapeutic practices from both sides of the healing spectrum.  Having previously exhausted my efforts at pain relief through the traditional medical field, I approached Carrie for alternative healing because I knew her to be sensitive, intuitive, thoughtful, professional, caring, and insightful.  During our sessions together, Carrie’s support made me feel trusting and safe.  With her gentle guidance, I was helped through a process of discovery that has led me to a more comfortable and fulfilled life.  I am so grateful that I found Carrie and for all that she has done for me.  For those with an open heart and a desire for healing, I wholeheartedly recommend Carrie.”

Susan T, Retired Nurse Practitioner

“Carrie has transformed my life in ways I never thought were possible, and it all happened so quickly! With just a few energy healing seasons and a hypnotherapy session, my outlook on life and my spirit as a whole has transformed. I feel like the dark cloud that was pulling me down and making life unbearable suddenly has been lifted. Carrie has a way of ‘rebalancing’ her clients that is unexplainable. My spirit feels revived and all my anxiety and worries have suddenly dissipated. Life feels so much easier and I now have the ability to enjoy life, happily and with ease.”

Jason P, School Teacher

“I did an energy session with Carrie while on a family visit to Sacramento from England and am thankful that I did. Many things Carrie discussed with me after reading my energy field have given me tools during times I’m facing anxiety. After reflecting on the conversation I’m still amazed how much of it rang true. Things I have never (consciously) considered! I’m also feeling less ‘scared’ of getting deeper into my spirituality which I feel so strongly at my core. Taking it slowly. I’m in the process of moving (and buying our first house) but I would definitely like to do more work with Carrie via Skype when things settle down on my end.”

Maura Belcher, New Mother/Homemaker
London, England

“My sessions with Carrie Meyer have been extremely helpful in keeping me centered and mindful during stressful times. I had been feeling unmotivated and disconnected from life for a while, and I knew that in order to be in alignment for coming changes, I needed assistance. Describing energy/healing work can sound so nebulous, so what I will say is that even after the first session, I felt so much better. Calm, at ease with the World. One of the things I most enjoy about the sessions is Carrie’s assessment/explanation afterwards. She’s the rare breed of healer who both performs the highly intricate process of chakra balancing and then articulates the session work in lay terms that often broaden the typical take on life challenges to include such topics as genetic or ancestral patterning. I’ve always felt that for the most part, we are who we came here to be. But with Carrie’s holoflective work comes the awareness of how much more you can be, of how the work can advance you forward, helping you get out of your own way, resulting in a path of least resistance by allowing you to be more fully in the moment to make better decisions. Or in my case, to have a better mind/body connection and not just a mental process going all day. To finally be okay with life in a calm, centered, knowing fashion where before there had been an underlying resistance, a low grade depression or anxiety. I’d hate to think of the timeline where I didn’t have holoflective healing work with Carrie Meyer, where I just went on with my life feeling stuck and frustrated. I highly recommend Carrie!”

Rob O, Writer/Astrologer

“I saw Carrie for Holographic energy healing work and integrative counseling. At the time I was being triggered and flooded by past trauma, and was struggling to cope in my daily life. I went to Carrie with the goal of calming my nervous system and gaining some insight into how to balance my energy field and emotions. After my first session, my nervous system was completely soothed. I was able to sleep deeply and soundly for the first time in weeks. What I can’t explain is how other healing shifts started to occur after that initial session. I was better able to cope with the triggers, and within a matter of a week or two was attracting other healers and experiences into my life and gaining insight into my past and present and how to make sense of the trauma. A few months later, I went back for more balancing work, and the same thing occurred. After working with Carrie, the next couple of weeks my energy field was again opened up to healing in many different ways that came from surprising experiences that gravitated into my life. Carrie’s integrative counseling also provided a lot of insight into my energetic patterns, and how to continue balancing my energy field on my own. Because of Carrie, I am now consistently doing yoga, which has helped immensely to heal my endocrine system and energy field, release trauma from my body, and soothe my nervous system. I sleep great and cope much better with daily stressors. I recommend as many people as I can to Carrie, and find it a great comfort that I can access such deep quality healing work when I need it. As a therapist, I wish all of my clients would also experience holographic energy work as an adjunct to talk therapy. It causes shifts in the body, mind, and spirit that allow one to release resistance and embrace deep healing on all levels. With Carrie you are in the hands of a world-class healer.”

Abby Lockett, MA, RAS, LPCC Intern Mental Health and Addictions Therapist                
Citrus Heights

“I’ve included Carrie’s energy sessions as part of my healing program for several years now, beginning after a difficult ending to a personal relationship that left me feeling unbalanced and unsure of myself. I also have a chronic illness that includes fatigue and was looking for ways to unblock some energy in my body so that I didn’t feel so exhausted all the time. I had never been a recipient of energy work prior to my first visit with Carrie and was unsure that it would provide anything for me. However, the first sessions were particularly powerful and there was no question afterward that they offered a way to heal some deep wounds and also to get the energy moving in my body so that the fatigue is more manageable. Carrie is a very intuitive and sensitive energy practitioner as well as a kind and lovely person. I’ve gained so much from her sessions as well as from the insightful feedback she gives after each one. I feel fortunate to have met Carrie in yoga classes and that I decided to give her energy sessions a try. I enthusiastically recommend Carrie to anyone considering energy work.”

Laurie A, Botanist

“I have worked with Carrie in both holographic energy work and hypnotherapy for a few years. During this time I have always felt deep nurturing support and safety in her knowing and her brilliant energy field. I am so grateful for having met her and for the positive difference she has made in my life. Thank you also, Carrie, for the difference you make and the light that you bring to our planet. With love and deep respect.”
Hallie Aldridge, RN, PhD 
Citrus Heights

“I’ve been doing energy work with Carrie Meyer for almost 2 years now. I normally do 1 – 2 sessions a month. I don’t remember exactly when I started. What I do know is that I’m not the same person I was. Working with Carrie can awaken things from deeper within you to come forward and expose themselves to you. You learn more about yourself, who you are, how you see yourself amongst the world and its effects on you, and it helps you explore what you need to grow as a human being. I used to get debilitating migraines since I was 9 years old. The pain and nausea would put me in the hospital. No migraine treatment prescribed by physicians ever fully worked and each had a side-effect. I’ve learned that pain can actually be a “mask” of sorts for some type of deep psychological trauma (that I didn’t know existed, by the way). I’m aware now that sometimes one needs to “unmask” this trauma  [reduce or release layers of an overactive defense pattern] first before finding peace within the self. My health has been progressively improving since working with Carrie. I’ve been changing physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the better. If you are reading this, I would say this work is about you. It’s about your personal happiness and your physical/emotional/spiritual well-being, and you are worth the investment.”

Maria O, Program Administrator in Government Services

“The sessions I have had with Carrie have been fascinating. She was highly recommended as one of the very best in working with energy. She reportedly had helped shift energy blockages which helped facilitate the process of healing. I was very curious about this. I wanted to see for myself if this were possible, and if I noticed any differences. When I met Carrie, I found her to be warm, caring and focused, I immediately felt comfortable. When she started to do her work, I noticed she never actually touched me, yet I could feel powerful surges of energy, tingling and warmth in the areas where her hands were hovering over me. I was amazed… she eventually started to talk about the energy she was shifting, what it represented, what may be going on in my life, and how the energy shifts may be helpful to me at this time. I had not shared with her anything about myself, yet her interpretations and explanations were easy for me to understand and extremely accurate. I was impressed with her knowledge. Throughout the day and in the days to follow, I did notice a positive difference in my energy level and felt a freer sense of spirit. Knowing and working with Carrie has indeed been a positive and enlightening experience.” 

Lynne R, Professional Musician

“I have had the pleasure (and benefit) this past year of working with Carrie Meyer, who has been helping me with my depression and anxiety. I found out about her after joining a Sacramento yoga studio where she also teaches. I cannot say enough about Carrie’s professionalism, wisdom, experience and wealth of knowledge as a holistic hypnotherapist and one who works in holographic energy. She is a highly perceptive and compassionate professional who is extremely patient and listens attentively to her clients. Carrie is genuine, straight forward and cares about your well being. Since I was unfamiliar with Holoflective Healing, Carrie thoroughly explained hypnotherapy and holographic energy work, answered my questions and helped me to feel comfortable. Over the course of a series of energy and hypnotherapy sessions, the sensations I experienced included; tingling, shivering, warmth, an internal tickling vibration, and muscle twitching. After each session Carrie would interpret and thoroughly explain the energy blockages she found. By our third session I began to notice subtle changes in my mental disposition that I haven’t felt in years. I now feel emotionally lighter, more positive, and more willing to personally engage with others rather than withdraw. I am also happy to share that my anxiety attacks have declined substantially, and that I am confident, with Carrie’s continued care, that these episodes will soon be a thing of the past. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Carrie for all your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. She is truly an amazing and gifted healer who is, without any doubt, world class! Thank you so much Carrie!! Thank you for enabling me to see the different colors of the rainbow again, when before, all I could see was darkness and lots of pain. May mountains of blessings be upon you!”

R.D., High School Teacher
Citrus Heights

“I can’t say enough positive things about Carrie herself, the wonderful, warm environment she creates, and the healing work she does, and her professionalism. From the time I arrived I felt welcome, comfortable and supported. Each session with Carrie, whether hypnosis or energy work, has brought me insight and awareness and has helped me in my life’s journey. Carrie’s gentle, patient, and caring manner, combined with her intuition, intelligence, wisdom, and amazing gifts is an invaluable resource and a gift to all who come in contact with her.”

Julie K, MFT, Marriage and Family Therapist

“The process Carrie and I went through was deep. It is life changing and actually brought me to a level of happiness which I have never experienced. I have shed hatred and gained confidence. I grew in my ability to give and receive love. The combination of hypnotherapy and energy work along with counseling brought about these changes. It is an involvement that exists on a level beyond the realm of words. I can’t really say how the process works and explain what happens internally. From my point of view understanding arrives from the experience of working with Carrie. I immediately had results. People said there was something different about me. I have been with Carrie for five years and believe this is more beneficial than just verbal counseling. Carrie is gifted in her abilities. She is the highest caliber for this type of work. I am always amazed how she presents herself professionally and remembers the smallest details of my life during the ongoing therapy.”

Kay M, Retired Teacher

“As someone who has studied yoga and attended workshops and meditation retreats for a few years, I was curious about Carrie’s work but slightly skeptical and guarded about my first session of hypnotherapy. My second session with her blew me away. That session took me to really unexpected parts of my past… I recall wandering through my grandmother’s house and releasing old stuck energies. I never realized that I was holding these old energies. I also received a deep and lasting healing and transformation with one of my grandfathers. To this day, I call on him when I need support and help, and I feel his loving presence with me. Since then, I have experienced other openings while working with Carrie. I see the difference these shifts have made in how I show up in my workplace and with my family. I have no hesitation recommending Carrie’s work to others. I think she has a wonderful ability to listen beyond the words and to hear the parts of us that may be stuck or lost. I also feel very safe about delving into sensitive areas of my life with her as I feel respected and seen by her.”

Joseph S, Software Architect for a Tech Firm

“I believe I am a Carrie Meyer ‘Success Story’ and one of her biggest proponents. Through hypnotherapy, she has guided me to positive results on several occasions resolving different problems as well as enhancing my confidence and performance in giving presentations to large audiences. I believed she could help. She made me immediately feel comfortable. She exudes warmth and confidence in a refined, feminine way. She got to the crux of things expressed and unexpressed. It worked.”

Jan Cooperman, CMP
Salem, Oregon

“I have suffered with fear, loneliness, and inadequacy my entire life. I learned to get through life stumbling over the obstacles. I met Carrie 10ish years ago and knew of her energy work but was skeptical and didn’t think it aligned with my faith in God. Last year I ran into a mutual friend that had the same beliefs as I; she had just finished a session with Carrie and was at such a great peace. I wanted some of that! I prayed and was led to make an appointment for energy work. I felt that same peace. Carrie was able to pinpoint my stagnant areas and stir up past feelings to a point of where I could understand my fears, etc. I then made an appointment for a hypnotherapy session… It was amazing. I found my little girl, who was neglected and unloved, and was able to hold and reassure her she WAS loved. Also, the fears I had melted away. The last energy work I had with Carrie was phenomenal. I recently had issues with two of my siblings that were pretty intense. Carrie worked her gifts again. She asked me to find compassion for them. “Are you kidding me?” was my first thought… That evening, in the middle of the night, I semi woke to a lightness and such a deep sense of compassion in my heart; then out pops my two siblings’ faces. It was so intense and full of hope and forgiveness. I have a great sense of compassion for the broken people in my life. I’m able to look at people and situations with a new light. I faced my fears, I have done things I never dreamed of doing by myself! I feel loved, secure and brave. My faith in God has grown deeper. I look forward to my next session with Carrie. She is a very gifted, kind, understanding woman. She is full of great knowledge and wisdom.”

Judy W, Self-employed

“To date, I have had four sessions with Carrie, focusing on some concerns that I have been trying to sort out regarding personal and relationship matters. I had attended a holistic healing function where Carrie spoke, and I felt an immediate connection with her authenticity, integrity, compassion and professional competence. So, I enlisted her assistance with my discernment process. During the first session, which included energetic healing work, I felt very ‘safe’ in Carrie’s presence, her focused listening to me and my concerns, her caring and attention to what I was presenting, her clarifying, non-judgmental inquiries… her patience. She released what I understood to be some blockages in my chakras. Afterwards, I felt a noticeable release from some internal stress and tension; I was more relaxed and more focused. I sensed a more placid internal flow of energy, consciousness, awareness through my body, especially in the solar plexus and chest area. I felt some degree of burden and restriction/limitation had been lifted and I could think more clearly. The following sessions continued to be beneficial with a combination of energy work, hypnotherapy, and some counseling as to factors I may wish to weigh in the choices I would be considering in my discernment process. I was amazed about how much information and details Carrie remembered from each session, and how she integrated and built upon that information in the following sessions. Truly remarkable! Whereas I have worked with a marriage and family therapist in previous years and experienced benefits, I believe Carrie’s approach, with her education, training, and experience provides a more expansive and comprehensive East/West approach to self-awareness and self-understanding, which has helped me immensely in my awareness and personal growth, my marriage, and my ‘oneness’ perspective. I am grateful for Carrie’s help. Carrie is extremely gifted!”

Joe Spencer, Retired Contract Manager

“In a sentence, Carrie Meyer set me back to earth and showed me that I have my own wings with which to fly. Cleverly disguised as a mild mannered yoga instructor, Carrie Meyer wields a great power of insight and the tools to clear away the fog for you alone to see what is in your way. Thank you Carrie.”

Scott Middleton, Professional Coach

“I have worked with Carrie in her capacities as both energy worker and hypnotherapist for the past three years. While I did not have specific expectations when I began working with her, I have experienced greatly welcomed shifts in long-standing, deeply mired patterns of negative thinking and behavior, and I now move with more ease through significant life challenges. Carrie’s work has enabled me to construct a more solid foundation for my interior life, and I have gained self-insight and, most importantly, a greater measure of self-acceptance and self-compassion. I have benefited in the physical aspect as well, experiencing enhanced well-being as I learn to manage a serious liver condition. In Carrie, I have found the perfect melding of open-hearted compassion and professional objectivity, which has provided me the space to conduct an unflinching examination of who I believe I am and the support to create a more authentic picture of that me. To call this a priceless gift is an understatement.  I look forward to many more years of growth and exploration and wholeheartedly recommend Carrie’s work.”

Carol Knight, Yoga Instructor

“Carrie Meyer’s Hypnotherapy is fantastic! I went to her to get motivated to eat less cake and lose weight. She really helped get to the root of the problems and help me see the light. I have not had a single craving for the food I was addicted to, thanks to Carrie. I would highly recommend combining with an energy session. That is what cemented all the work! Carrie is kind and caring, she truly wants to help all that cross her path.”

Hillary Loomis, Kitchen Designer, Mother

“I have been a client of Carrie Meyer’s for 3 ½ years and have received a combination of services from her. I really like the way she discusses the goals of the sessions prior to conducting hypnotherapy and/or energy work. I appreciate how Carrie makes me feel at ease, and follows up with me after our sessions to make sure I’m ok. She takes a personal approach to her clients and is always available to answer any questions or concerns. I really love her peaceful, down-to-earth persona! Through her sessions, I was able to gain the confidence to achieve my goals. She has helped me to interpret feelings, turning negative thoughts into positive ones. Her energy work has greatly helped me physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Carrie Meyer and have referred several of my friends and family.”

Julian Galvez, Truck Driver
Elk Grove

“Having experienced a lengthy series of chaotic and sad events related to our two very troubled adopted daughters, I concluded I was deep in the midst of profound grief and needed help sorting things out. I heard about Carrie’s work from two friends who described her healing approach as tender and effective. I had three energy and hypnotherapy sessions with Carrie that resulted significantly in improved sleep patterns and a healthier and stronger sense of authentic self. I recommend Carrie to anyone who is struggling to resolve or realign lingering patterns and who desires lasting results. You will find Carrie very professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled and empathetic to your concerns.”

Laura Westrup, Retired California State Parks District Services Manager

“I did hypnotherapy and subtle energy work with Carrie. I always appreciated Carrie’s warm and supportive approach in our sessions and when I called to schedule sessions. Her calming presence totally put me at ease and trust. The goal of my work with Carrie was to heal issues with depression and interactions in relationships. I especially remember a tough session where I was recalling the tremendous hurt from a friend and Carrie went the extra mile to be even kinder and supportive than she already is. This tough session helped me to clear long held issues and I think of it often if thoughts of that person creep in and I then reflect on Carrie’s words of support. I would never hesitate to use Carrie’s services now and in the future.”

Jane E, Retired CalPERS Specialist

“Carrie and I have met for a few sessions of hypnotherapy and energy work, initially a few years ago, and again last year. Both times, I was scheduled to have a major surgical procedure. The goal of our work was to help me deal with my anxiety regarding the impending surgeries. Carrie was extremely effective in assisting me to feel relaxed and confident that I could get through this health challenge. I cannot adequately convey the shift that I experienced from feeling fearful, to accepting the impending surgeries and whatever the outcomes would be. I also felt the outcomes would be positive. I am so grateful to Carrie for the healing work she is engaged in and for her intuitiveness. Her kindness and caring are evident in her work.”

P.T., Registered Nurse

“I am a psychic medium, and I was referred to Carrie by a friend who shares the same gifts. My mind can sometimes get really cluttered with too much information for me to process, and I over analyze. I was amazed at how much clearer I was after having energy work done with Carrie! Things would just come into my mind and go right out smoothly! I have released a lot of things I had held onto that do not serve me and, as a result, I have lost a lot of weight and gained a greater understanding of myself. The energy work that Carrie does is unique and really beneficial. I always feel lighter and have more clarity. My chakras feel balanced. Carrie gives me feedback on what she feels, and that gives me the awareness I need to work on myself. Thank you so much Carrie for being available to guide me in the right directions!”

Rebecca Gonzales, State Agency Manager

“I feel 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter. Amazing what Carrie’s energy sessions can do for me!… Carrie has been a supportive ally in my spiritual growth. Her gentleness, wisdom, and skill in working with the subtle energy bodies have been invaluable. As she assists me in releasing energetic blockages, the release creates a vacuum, a space for further spiritual growth.”

David Syron, Administrative Assistant

“It is hard to put into words what the energetic healing work with Carrie has done for me. When I first came to Carrie I was fragmented, meaning my mind and body were not in synch. They were disconnected from each other, allowing me to exist but not feel anything–this was a coping mechanism for me. Through energetic healing sessions with Carrie I have been able to become whole and reconnect with not only myself but with my children and truly experience how wonderful life is! The sessions have helped me discover positive ways to deal with life’s hardships. Each energy session is like ‘meditation in high speed,’ equivalent to hours of soul searching that help you onto the path of your ‘true self.’ This transformation would not have been possible without Carrie. She is a genuine and compassionate person, who guides people through their journey (session) without judgment, allowing you to go where you need to be.”

K.D., Project Manager, Mother

“I have been working with Carrie for several years. I first went to her with fear of public speaking in front of adults. Her hypnotherapy helped me overcome my public speaking anxiety. I have since given many workshops for my co-workers and other professional educators. Carrie recommended using energy healing to mend some emotional injuries. Those sessions have helped me to be more confident, happy, and well rounded. I had been going to a doctor of Chinese medicine for acupuncture and herbs to keep my energies in balance, but now I only go to Carrie. After an energy session, I feel much more balanced and ‘in tune.’ Carrie is a very intuitive counselor who has helped me to better understand myself. I am much more in sync with my body and how it is affected by habitual thought patterns and reactions. She has encouraged me through difficult times, which are a natural part of our existence. Since beginning with Carrie, I have started teaching yoga and have a daily meditation practice. She has assisted me on my life journey to being a healthier, happier person.”

Christie Vallance, Elementary School Teacher

“Carrie provided energy work and hypnotherapy for 10 months as I worked through traumatic childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. With her assistance, I was finally able to move through the process and arrive at the other side. I’m eternally grateful for Carrie’s dedication, knowledge, insight, and unwavering support. She made a big difference to my well-being and spiritual journey.”

Lora Pierce, MSW, Social Worker

For the past year and a half, I have been working regularly with Carrie and have found her subtle energy work to be an integral part of my healing process. Through these sessions I have progressed in having a deeper understanding of myself from a structural, emotional and spiritual dimension. I know that after each session I have gained a greater cohesive me. Carrie is masterful in facilitating sessions through sharing her knowledge of healing traditions and philosophies. She presents information in a neutral manner which leaves no residue of influence and allows for my own interpretations and understanding to emerge freely. As a health care professional, I have been witness to and have participated in many modes of interventions that were developed to enhance one’s well-being. Carrie’s sessions continue to offer me a gift of freedom, a means of exfoliating the physical, emotional and spiritual parts that keep me stuck in a disconnected state and at the same time offers the opportunity to nurture that part of my being that has been muted.”

Yuuko Feletto, RN

“It is with great ease I recommend Carrie to those who seek a caring healer and counselor. Her guidance is gentle and I would say powerful. I know these two terms may seem to contradict one another but a few years ago, she and I underwent a lengthy and tender hypnotherapy session from which I continue to receive inner wisdom and use many of the images and symbols we discussed for strength in finding and standing in my truth. Her gifts of insight, sensitivity and healing have supported me through my own transitions in realizing and facing shifts in my little universe and with my desire of traveling in the midst of increased solid-footing along the way. The last subtle energy sessions with Carrie left me singing that old song “I can see clearly now the rain is gone” and renewed in me a feeling of clarity and lightness. (Really, as I left and drove home, the sun shined a little brighter and the colors of the trees appeared more vivid.) Carrie’s words and insights helped to point me in a direction that feels right. I find I have an overall calmer way of moving through the world and most importantly have been able to sleep a little better. This is huge because over the years I had difficulty sleeping and the toll was scrambling my brain and fraying my nerves. My session with Carrie seemed to “clear away” some of my fog and helped light a path to a stronger, more centered place in space. Carrie’s interpretations and use of symbols and images really gave and give me support as I continue to work on connecting to self. A case in point: I knew something shifted when shortly after our last session, I found myself in a familiar “old-conflict relationship-dynamic” with my companion and instead of reacting like I had so many times before, I was calm and able to observe my self (hold on to the sense that I was present, strong and grounded) and really saw and sat with my companion’s angst as the old dynamic was not able to play out and we were able to find resolution. It was as if I discovered and lived in a new space for me….as if I shed an old, no-longer-needed me-suit. And the “calm” I tapped into felt very similar to the “calm” I felt following healing with Carrie. Thank you Carrie.”

Jana Clarke, Public Servant for the State of California