Integrative Counseling

Integrated Counseling & Support

The comprehensive scope and customized nature of assistance that Carrie offers extends beyond facilitating clients in attaining a particular goal in hypnotherapy or upgrading their consciousness and energy field with holographic energy work. Many clients further benefit from her integrative counseling and support, which helps them better understand and integrate the different levels of their being. With keen insight into the nature of healing, Carrie works from the perspective that the linchpin of any significant healing approach is that it be holistic. As such, it may not work in the long run to simply micro-manage symptoms unless one’s priority is just to cope. Coping and healing are not one and the same, though they are both important in different ways and at different times in a person’s life. Carrie provides effective support for her clients to verbally and emotionally process and integrate their inner experience as a fundamental part of their healing, growth, and evolvement. Many clients have been gently and meaningfully illuminated by the enhanced perspective she mirrors, transcending the analytical loops they may already maintain. Her integrative counseling and support may convey elements of a mentor, a psychologist, a consultant, an intuitive guide, a coach for the subconscious, or  a psycho-spiritual facilitator. Some clients have solicited her services as a consultant with the objective of better grasping from the left-brained, theoretical perspective the principles that inform their healing and growth or the healing and growth of their own clients.