List of classes, workshops, lectures, published work, and tours by Carrie

Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Published Work, and Tours with/by Carrie      2001 to 2015

Intelligence within the Mind-Body (undergraduate course that Carrie created then taught through the Department of Psychology at California State University, Sonoma, spring
semester 2002)

Yoga classes taught in yoga studios and other venues (2001 to present)

Subtle Awareness as the Link to Intelligence and the Unified Realm (master’s thesis
published for Master of Arts Degree in Psychology, California State University, Sonoma, May 2003)

“Illuminating the Density of Unconsciousness through Holographic Awareness” (article
  published in Balanced Live Magazine winter 2011)

Experience Kyoto, Japan: An intimate 10-day sightseeing tour of Kyoto with optional daily yoga practice, created/hosted by Carrie, a previous resident of Kyoto (2011 to present)

Lectures and workshops offered from 2005 onward:

The Essence of Chakras; The Chakra System Unveiled (seven and eight-hour workshops on the psychological, physiological, and energetic attributes of the seven main energy centers, 2006 to present)

The Hidden Mechanics of Habits (workshop)

The Fifth Chakra: Resonance and Resolution (lecture; workshop)

The Shifting Edge of Consciousness (workshop; lecture)

Healing the Fragmented Mind (workshop)

Decoding the Language of Your Subconscious (lecture)

The Art of the Hypnotic Journey (lecture)

The Tangled Hierarchy of Chakras (lecture)

Healing the Gap between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind (lecture)

Possibility versus Probability in the Pursuit of Free Consciousness (lecture)

The Meaning of Whole in Holistic Healing & Consciousness (lecture)

The Missing Links in Healing & Evolving Your Personal Consciousness (lecture)

Healing Your Defenses Vs. Defending Against Healing (lecture)

The Creative Principle of Healing (lecture)

Healing Vs. Coping on Life’s Journey (lecture)

The Healing Curve in Energy Medicine (lecture)

The Spiraled Loop of Evolving and Healing (lecture)

Losing the Weight of Unconsciousness (lecture)

Decoding the Language of Your Subconscious (lecture)

How Does Energy-work Work? (lecture)

Stability Vs. Bog: First Chakra & the Ground Floor of Existence (lecture)

The Multiple Benefits of Yoga (lecture)

Who Benefits from Energy Work? (lecture)

The Posturing of the Subconscious (lecture)

The Meaning of Whole in Holistic Healing & Consciousness (lecture)

Healing Core Wounds from a Consciousness Perspective (lecture)

Seven Dimensions of Freedom & Health (lecture)

The Power of Subtle Energy Work (lecture)

The Fifth Chakra & Free Will in Creating Your Life (lecture)

The Fourth Chakra: Love & the Mechanics of Healing (lecture)

Evolving the Self in Third Chakra Terrain (lecture)

The Lower Chakras’ Function in Healing & Self-Actualization (lecture)

Healing Stuckness and Holding Patterns in Consciousness and Living (lecture)

The Posturing of the Subconscious (lecture)

The Hidden Side of Healing: Understanding Your Concealed Obstructions (lecture)