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The Meaning of Holoflective Healing (Continued from Home Page)

The root “holo” means whole and, as part of the word holographic, speaks to the holographic underpinnings of consciousness. It also points to the consideration that healing could also be called “wholing” because to be in health literally means to be whole. “Flective” is drawn from the word “reflective” and  represents the function of a healer, which is to serve as a clear, uncracked mirror for another person to perceive her/himself more clearly. Because the word whole is the linguistic root of the word health, the healer is one who enables a person to heal and to be whole by perceiving her/himself as whole. For many, this involves a perceptual shift that is enabled by the clearing of residual mental-emotional conditioning and complexes, some of which are patterns that have been embedded in a person’s consciousness, cell tissue, and energy field for quite some time.