Energy Work

Holographic Energy Work

Holographic Energy Work is a unique form of high-frequency energy work offered by Carrie. Synchronizing to healing principles of a high order, Carrie attunes to your subtle body to direct a potent vibrational current into your energy field and read the feedback with her perceptive hands.

A multi-leveled healing response is initiated that may include:

  • Pain and stress relief, physical or emotional
  • Clearing or relaxing of over-charged emotions, thought forms, and past wounds or traumas
  • Increased somatic-mental-spiritual congruence
  • Release from holding patterns and addictive cycles in life
  • Enhanced perception, intuition, self-expression, productivity, and creativity
  • Emerging from a crisis with greater integrity and resilience

This holographic healing transmission is a remarkably effective process that jumpstarts and accelerates the balancing of your energy field and attunement of your mind-body-consciousness spectrum. Many recipients including other healers and sensitives have reported substantial, positive shifts.

Note that some energetic, somatic (physically sensed), mental, and emotional shifts may be felt or perceived during a session while others may be noticed in a more sustained way after the session, even over a period of days or weeks. While one session will initiate a healing movement that may be strongly felt, it may also be perceived in mostly subtle ways especially if the recipient is not already energetically sensitive. It should also be noted that one’s energetic sensitivity or ability to feel energy moving is not a measure of how effective the holographic energy work is or will be. For many clients, one session makes a significant difference in the quality of their inner life and, ultimately, outer life. For some, the first session primes the energy field in such a way, that the momentum of clearing out old information (seemingly held or buried in unconscious layers) and the integration of new information would increase more noticeably in subsequent sessions. What occurs during and following a session actually depends on a number of variables pertaining to the recipient’s consciousness, including the person’s vibrational potential, self-awareness, blind/shadow areas, and defenses.

While no one is ever required to return for more energy work, a series of sessions over a period of weeks or months can greatly facilitate and accelerate a person’s progression through any phase of a healing or growth cycle.