Testimonials from participants in the Chakra System Workshop

Testimonials from participants in the Chakra System Workshop

“For me, Carrie models body/mind awareness in ways that are both enlightening and inspiring. As I appreciate Carrie’s exemplary scholarship, I have also found myself transformed by movement in the realms of the experiential. Like the most gifted of Western teachers, Carrie integrates Eastern wisdom into our modern lives with a skillful balance of reverence, humor and societal relevance.”

Steven Coughran, Musician/College Professor

“As a yoga teacher, I have always had a theoretical understanding of the chakra system; but after attending one of Carrie’s Chakra Workshops, my understanding and appreciation now are both deep and profound. I loved the way Carrie presented the material from both a factual and humanistic point of view. I recommend that you find your way to her next event!”

Linda Wagner, Yoga Teacher

“I regard Carrie as an astute observer of the human condition. She has given vast thought to her methodology and application as a practitioner not only to relieve human suffering but also to show people how to find and experience the joy that life does indeed offer. I am guessing that she has worked with thousands of people and helped them to untie their knots, open their channels, breathe more fully, and remain centered… to not flee and self-destruct. Carrie’s intellect, research and ample thought are apparent in her insightful presentations. I appreciate that she referenced multiple practitioners/academics and explained variations about the chakra concepts. Her keen wit and honest humor are well laced through the teachings which reflect her own center as both a teacher and a practitioner. For me, Carrie’s practitioner role is what sets her apart from many other teachers — her workshop reflects her vast professional experiences in dealing with the human condition and the path she put herself on — her overseas travels, wanderings, reflections, academics, professional work and ultimately her own centering. I believe a person can best teach from their own experiences — thank you, Carrie, for sharing yourself.”

Nancy K, Athletic Coach and College Teacher,
Citrus Heights

“Carrie is so full of knowledge on this subject. I left the chakra workshop not only with a better understanding of the basics of chakras, but also with information on how to live a more full filled and self-aware life. I am so glad I attended this workshop.”

Amanda H, County Officer
Rancho Cordova

“Carrie’s offering of wisdom on the chakras is full and rich with layering a visionary or a beginning yoga student can benefit from. Her presentation is so refined and articulate, made applicable to our lives, yoga practice, personal healing and balancing at every step. I received support for deep integration of a Zen monk’s life back into the world. I feel that Carrie’s workshop was one that could be used as a recorded insert beautifully..”

Pitaka, Zen Monk and Teacher of Enlightenment Intensives,

“Carrie Meyer’s Chakra Workshop was an informative and healing experience for me. Carrie does an excellent job of synthesizing the vast amounts of information about our chakra system and communicating it all in a clear and relatable way.”

Eleni Kambas, School Counselor

“I have long had interest in metaphysical subjects, but I never learned about chakras until I had the opportunity to attend Carrie Meyer’s 2-day chakra workshop. Carrie has spent many years intensely studying the subject matter, and this was obvious as I tried to absorb the information. I am really impressed in how knowledgeable Carrie is and how she presents this very esoteric and sometimes abstract subject matter in a clear (but not simplified) manner. I especially loved learning about the physical and emotional issues that correlate with each chakra, and how to tune into them in order to achieve balance. I wondered if I would feel overwhelmed following the workshop given the density of the material, but instead it piqued my interest, and I was ready to learn more!”

Erika Henderson, College Student going into Physical Therapy School

“I absolutely loved Carrie’s chakra workshop. The material she included was applicable not only to the science behind Chakra’s but also to everyday living. The information presented was useful to anyone interested in improving the quality of life. Carrie’s personal experiences and gentle ways offered insight unattainable from any book. Being in her presence brings my mind and body to a place of peace. Her passion for this type of work is inspirational.”

Annette H., Dental Technician with Medical Intuition Skills
Citrus Heights

“Carrie’s workshop was perfectly timed for me. I recently participated in a ‘Setting Intentions’ workshop which introduced chanting and using the chakras, and I am now taking some Reiki classes which also incorporate the chakras. It is such an enhancement to my study of Cranial Sacral therapy, especially as the ‘energy’ portion has eluded my major concreteness. I really enjoyed Carrie’s lovely teaching and just general essence, which to me is a great blend of seriousness, lightness via humor, passion and neutrality with presenting this elusive(?), out of the ‘norm,’ and complex material. There was one particular thing she said that was my ‘ah-ha’ moment. Years spent wondering how to sense energy and even identify that I am sensing it, has felt foreign and elusive… When she mentioned that folks used LSD in the past to obtain some different perspectives… there was the CLICK… as I was one of those people and can immediately go back and sense my first trip in particular. The density of the ‘air’ and the connectedness I felt to the world was astounding. I had never previously put that together as ‘energy’ and I may be a tad off with my concept of this, but perhaps not. Coincidently or not, after a recent session of working on a friend, her comment was, ‘WOW, that was powerful and it seems my chakras have opened up.’ Now, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about the chakras but did just take the first class of Reiki 2 that day and attended Carrie’s workshop last weekend… so, osmosis? Anyway its all good and I feel the workshop definitely moved me forward in my understanding … Thank you so much, Carrie… Namaste my long time Yogi master.. see you soon and thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us.”  

Terrye W., Infant Care Nurse

“The chakra workshop was a wonderful experience. It synthesized an incredible amount of material and knowledge that has been passed on for thousands of years. Carrie’s wisdom in this area was invaluable. She balanced giving us a lot of information at the same time helping us learn to consider our own chakra energy system. I enjoyed her integration of the chakras as they relate to yoga and pranayama, all the while considering how this energy can translate into our daily lives.”

Amanda Price, Director of Marketing and Communications, UC Davis,

“I really enjoyed and benefitted from Carrie’s chakra workshop. I found it a very thorough introduction to the vast subject of the chakra system, with material to take home for future reference and review. I was overwhelmed – in a positive manner! – with insights into the state of my own chakra system, and had numerous realizations during the workshop of its connections to my health and issues in my life, due to the wealth of information that Carrie introduced and discussed.”

S.M., Yoga Teacher Trainee,

“I enrolled in Carrie Meyer’s chakra workshop to deepen my understanding the chakra system and to learn how to use this understanding in my work as a yoga teacher, educator, and psychotherapist. The amount of information available on the topic can be overwhelming, but Carrie has done an excellent job of compiling the vast literature into a very user friendly workshop format. She is a knowledgeable and engaging instructor, and I left the class with a much enhanced understanding.”

Bernadette Halbrook, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

“Much gratitude to Carrie for sharing her immense trove of knowledge and experience with healing at the level of the subtle energy body. Through this workshop, I’ve gained awareness of imbalances in my chakras and now feel empowered and equipped with tools gained from Carrie’s workshop to tie in with my own yoga practice and breathwork, for holistic healing. The workshop also awakened my own passion in getting to know chakras better in general to help others find balance with theirs!”.”

Sara Kwon, Yoga Teacher Trainee

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