Classes & Events

Classes & Events



Sacramento Healing Arts Festival

Saturday April 7th & Sunday April 8th, 2018
10:00-6:00pm                   10:00am-5:00pm

Carrie will have a booth and provide holographic energy sessions both days of the festival. She will also lead a workshop entitled “The Comprehensive Attunement” on Saturday at 12:00-2:00. For workshop details and pre-registration go to



Understanding the Chakra System & Subtle Body

Friday March 23rd & Saturday March 24th, 2018
 6:00-9:30pm                   11:00am-5:30pm*

This intensive workshop will introduce and explain the subtle anatomy, psychology, and energetic-to-physiological function of the chakra system and related subtle-body components. Through lecture, discussion, a detailed packet and handouts, as well as guided exercises and reflection, participants will advance to a broader, more holistic experience and understanding of themselves and their fellow humans. 

This rich theoretical framework is offered with modern and insightful psychological perspective that should prove relevant and relatable to yoga teachers and students, therapeutic practitioners and healthcare providers, and anyone interested in a more integrated understanding of the human consciousness spectrum. For those who have no existing knowledge of the chakra system and subtle body to those who do, this immersion is sure to clarify or usefully enhance your understanding of concepts that may have seemed too vague, cliché, or esoteric to grasp.

Carrie has an extensive research background on the subtle body and a wealth of experience working with and interpreting the psycho-energetics of the human energy field in her private practice. She has been teaching yoga since 2001 and has offered workshops and lectures on the chakra system and other topics related to consciousness and holistic healing for over 12 years. Carrie is YACEP certified to provide continuing education for yoga teachers. See TESTIMONIALS from previous participants in Carrie’s Chakra System Workshop. For more information, feel free to contact Carrie.

Workshop investment $125. Early bird rate of $110 for those who register with full payment by March 3rd. Individuals who have previously taken this workshop from Carrie may retake it for $95. Yoga teachers can obtain continuing education hours for the Yoga Alliance. 

Pre-registration is necessary due to limited space and can be done at Fusion Yoga Studio or online at The workshop will be held at Fusion Yoga Studio, 1620 Executive Court, Sacramento, CA 95864. (916) 922-9642.


The Three Gunas and YOUR Approach to Yoga

Saturday April 21st, 2018

Join Carrie for an examination of the three gunas (cosmic principles of existence that permeate our body-minds, attitudes, and ways of living) and how their influence shows up in our individual attitudes toward yoga practice. Through lecture, discussion, self-reflection, meditation, and experimental asana practice self-tailored to individual choices, we will consider what drives our own attraction/aversion to certain aspects and “styles” of yoga practice and the overall attitudes with which we regard and engage in practice. The personal insights from this inquiry could help liberate you from limiting assumptions or projections about yoga practice or styles and therefore open your perspective/experience to a richer and more nuanced experience of yourself.

Yoga teachers can receive two hours of Continuing Education credit as Carrie is a YACEP certified (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Teachers.

Workshop investment $50. Early bird $45 if registered and paid by April 13th.

Limited Space. CLICK HERE to register under workshop offerings at Ritual Yoga Studio (formerly It’s All Yoga). Ritual Yoga Studio, 2405 21st Street, Sacramento, 95818


The Fifth Chakra: Resonance & Resolution

 Next Date TBA

While the collective consciousness in our culture favors declaring new intentions with the turn of the calendar year, our individual consciousness will often short-circuit these “New Year’s resolutions” due to factors directly and peripherally associated with the fifth chakra (energetic center at the throat). Examining the fifth chakra’s pivotal role in determining the shape and quality of our lives will help us understand how certain psychological and energetic dynamics can impair free will, sabotage intentions to change, and perpetuate stuck patterns of being. Carrie will weave theory with exercises (including guided reflection on an area of wanted personal change) for a rich exploration of the throat center aiming to invoke your creative awareness and tune your will to resonance-based choice. The resolution qualities of the fifth and other chakras can collectively enable more resonant, healthy patterns to take the place of restrictive conditioning that has previously stalled or interfered with making and sustaining positive changes.


Full Moon Class

Saturday December 3rd, 2017

Let’s gather under the luminous Supermoon on Dec 2nd! With the full moon in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius and the interesting concurrence of Mercury going into retrograde (thus challenging the openly communicative Gemini), our practice will pay homage to the moon, the sun, and their polarity and will hold space for that which is ripe for expression or release as well as that which may warrant a delayed or more gradual discharge. Please come ready for attunement, movement (accessible to all), and writing (or drawing or scribbling).

Workshop investment $20.

Limited Space. CLICK HERE to register under workshop offerings at It’s All Yoga. It’s All Yoga, 2405 21st Street, Sacramento, 95818



Sightseeing Tour in Kyoto, Japan May 21st-31st, 2018

Consider  a very special ten-day sightseeing experience of the incomparably beautiful temples, shrines, gardens, and more in Kyoto, the ancient and modern, cultural capital of Japan. This tour, created and led by former Kyoto resident Carrie Meyer, integrates an optional daily yoga practice with walking tours of several world-class sights and remarkably ambient places in Kyoto.

Although Kyoto could be an overwhelming experience of what to do if one did not know how to navigate there, Carrie has striven to offer a rich, yet balanced, itinerary and a lovely, while cost-effective, tour. Some of the most fulfilling experiences may include meandering through temples along the Philosopher’s Path, gazing mesmerized at incomparably elegant, masterfully designed Kyoto gardens, appreciating the ancient ambiance and nuanced architecture of preserved Buddhist and Shinto structures, the simple dedication of shrines, whether in high-profile areas or hidden pockets of  neighborhoods… Of course, there’s the culinary experience of Japan, traditional arts, museums, modern marvels, shopping, and so much more. Get all of the details on the KYOTO TOUR website.  You are welcome to contact Carrie  with any further questions and/or to reserve your spot. Please join us for what promises to be a unique and memorable experience.



carrie-yogaw Carrie is an experienced registered yoga instructor E-RYT who distills and integrates her original training influences in 1999 of Classical (eight limb) Ashtanga and Iyengar-style alignment-based yoga with Vinyasa flow and the broader principles of somatics and eastern psychology. Her classes have been experienced as unique, physically satisfying, mindbody meditations stimulated by her refined language and cueing, keen somatic sensibilities, and blended references to physical and energetic anatomy, all of which provide for as challenging or moderate a practice as is desired. She currently offers weekly yoga classes at two lovely yoga studios in Sacramento. See her teaching schedule below.

Fusion Yoga of Sacramento, 1620 Executive Court, Sacramento, CA 95864

  • Tuesdays at 5:30-6:45pm: Yoga Fusion
  • Wednesdays at 6:00-7:15pm: Yoga Fusion
  • Saturdays at 8:30-9:45am: Fusion Flow

Ritual Yoga Studio (formerly It’s All Yoga)  2405 21st Street, Sacramento, 95818

  • Mondays at 4:30-5:45pm: Integrative Flow, Level 2-3
  • Wednesdays at 9:00-10:30am: Integrative Flow, Level 1-3
  • Saturdays at 10:45am-12:15pm Integrative Flow, Level 2-3