Carrie J Meyer, MA, CCHT, ERYT is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and an experienced registered yoga teacher with a master’s degree in psychology, integrating Eastern, Western, and somatic (mind-body) psychology and influenced by principles of holistic health. She is further certified in Past-Life Regression Therapy. Educated in her early years in Western psychology (with bachelor of arts degrees in psychology and social work), she appreciated its perspective and also came to sense its limitations. Carrie’s work is informed by an extensive academic and holistic healing arts background as well as by her life experience, which includes residing, working, and traveling in numerous foreign (predominantly Eastern) countries for nearly eight years of her adult life. Her comprehensive approach to hypnotherapy is paralleled by her refined skills in holographic energy work and integrative counseling. In addition to teaching weekly yoga classes at two yoga studios in Sacramento, she has been a speaker and workshop presenter on themes of consciousness and holistic healing, supporting individuals in embracing the universal principles and unique expression of their own nature.

Carrie was interviewed about her work and background by Jim Masters on CUTV News Radio in November 2017. Click here to listen to the interview.

Carrie was one of the women featured in Women of Distinction Magazine, a magazine that highlights the work of individual women from a range of professional fields and industries. Click here to read the article.

For a list of classes, workshops, lectures, published work, and tours by Carrie, click here.

Beyond her credentials, Carrie is extremely perceptive and therefore works from a well-developed theoretical platform that intermingles with her unassuming intuition. She tunes into her clients with humanism, practicality, respect for their whole being, and insight that may transcend logic-based or clichéd psychology. She listens to her clients’ words attentively and respectfully and may also perceive what is conveyed nonverbally. Assisting her clients in working integratively with different levels of their consciousness that may include subconscious, psycho-spiritual, and other-than-cognitive areas is one factor that may distinguish her work from traditional talk therapists. Carrie’s holistic orientation and theoretical understanding of different areas of Western, Eastern, and somatic psychology, may represent some of the distinction between the support she offers and the support of intuitive or spiritual counselors who may not have an academic education or counseling experience in the paradigm of Western psychology.